Ever since CasperE organized his first event at a local internet café he's felt more and more passionate about the phenomenom that is eSports, especially when it comes to Hearthstone. He started the company HS-arena and set out with a few simple goals: nurturing the scene and allowing new players to realize their dreams of becoming professional gamers. HS-Arena's very first event was a huge success and ended up being one of the biggest online Hearthstone events of 2015. Now CasperE is ready and eager to take on new challanges as the Head of the Hearthstone division at Granted.
Piet "Hyckz" Geurse
Hyckz is the proud founder of Granted, since the beginning in early 2013. With other ogranisations under his belt he is eager to get Granted to a reconizable position with in the world of esports. Hyckz will be responsible for all general fields in the organisation.
I was born on the third February 2000.I'm the young graphic designer whose greatest passion and commitment is esport.
With Granted I want to show my creativity in and gain more experience.
A unique blend between a talented, marketing minded management. The management applies its personal business experience to the gaming scene, and a common ambitious vision, comprised in a single goal: providing talented gamers a professional home!